Sunday, April 7, 2013

My "love" for Barb . . . and apologies

On the 5th of every month, the blogging group I'm in (if they don't kick me out) celebrates and honors one of its members.  For the month of April it is Barb.  Please check out her beautiful blog and creations, here.

This is my card to honor Barb.  She has a real knack for choosing beautiful, bright, happy colors.  I love the layouts she uses for her creations.  They are simply gorgeous!!

This was the source for my inspiration:
Good Luck Turtle from her March 12th post.  As you can see my personal spin, a fairy.  I do love creatures of fantasy.  

You can also see, I'm 2 days late (and many $$ short).  I'm so sorry for my tardiness.  Life has truly gotten away from me.  Hopefully with the arrival of spring and longer days I will be better.  

Have a wonderful day and thanks for looking!!