Friday, April 9, 2010

My First Blog Award

OH MY GOODNESS!!  I was so SURPRISED and EXCITED when I learned this morning that Jenn (Jax Bean Stalks) gave me this award.  I'm so honored.  Make sure you visit her blog, she always finds such creative ways to upcycle.  Thank you so very much Jenn!

I have to share with you 10 things that make me happy, 5 pieces of trivia (about myself), and pass this on to 5 bloggers.

10 Things that Make Me Happy:
1) My family, Dan (hubby), Brendan (age 4), and Damian (17 months)
2) Friends 
3) Crafting
4) Teaching
5) Cooking and Baking
6) Telly's Purr (my cat of 14 years)
7) Brendan's singing
8) Damian's squeal
9) Listening to great Music
10) Fashion accessories (shoes, handbags, and jewelry)

5 Pieces of Trivia
1) I worked a whole summer at a radio station and loved it
2) I really enjoy White Water Rafting
3)  I want to live in a "square-shaped" state (like WY or CO)
4) I would like to open  a Pre-School
5) I enjoy thunderstorms as much as sunshine

I pass this award to:
2) Stephanie:  Stephanie's Creations

Stop by and visit these very talented ladies!


  1. Thanks, Monica, for this sweet award! I'm working on getting it posted on my blog!

  2. Monica..Thank you so much for passing this award onto me!! So sweet of you!! Congrats!!!


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