Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time to Pick a Winner!!!

Who knew there would be so many different ways to use two (4x6) pieces of pattern paper?  I knew my blogging friends would step up to the challenge and boy did they ever!!  Wonderful job ladies.  I am in constant awe of your creativity and talents.  Now for the hard part to pick a winner.  The winner will receive this newly released {ippity} mini stamp set (released today actually) and a few other goodies from me.

Here's the entries:

Danie's Card

Karen's Card

Rebekka's Card

Lynn's Card

Kelly's Card

Tammy's Card

Christy's Card

 Heather's Card

 Julie's Card


  1. Hi Monica My entry has gone MIA?

    Feels like it was done forever ago.

  2. This was a great challenge. :)

  3. ohwow!!! I love the entries. Sorry I was a dud adn didn't get the challenge done. I just might do one...late! Thanks for the generous prize as well!

  4. How could we not participate when you sent us all such beautiful paper. Fun challenge, thanks for sharing the paper.


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